Our Favorite Crampons

We have compiled our top 5 favorite crampons for you here!

Best Technical Crampon

Among the crampons on our list, the Stinger takes the trophy for outstanding design. However, its good looks are not all. Its two-piece design and the ergonomic positioning of the mono front point make it great. These kicks are also one of the most lightweight in alpine gear. Therefore, it works perfectly for hiking, climbing as well as walking.

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Best Microspike

The Unigear Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips is a fantastic choice for both beginners and veteran climbers. It is very effortless to use and comfortable to wear. Its versatility comes from its different sizes and the ability to use it for multiple activities. The spikes are the star of this traction device. However, its durability and sturdiness are nothing short of outstanding as well.

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Best Grivel Crampon

This is a fantastic crampon if you engage in technical climbing. It works fantastic on the frigid snow and ice. The traction you get from this crampon is exceptionally good. However, its versatility and the ability to configure it with dual and mono front points is also an excellent feature. Overall, the G14 will take you through your climbing sessions with effortless ease.

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Best Overall

The G12 has an ice friendly design with impressive performance. It comes from a combination of horizontal front points, adjustable length, and great quality materials. The G12 is also compatible with multiple types of boots, which is quite extraordinary about a crampon of this caliber. Irrespective of your alpine skills, this is one gear you want to try at one point or the other.

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Best Affordable Crampon

This crampon from Camp performed exceptionally during our tests. We especially loved the angled two front points, which had impressive traction. The straps are another feature that was effortless to use. The Stalker Champion is a great choice for intermediate to advanced climbers. Nevertheless, we reckon it will also suit beginners very well. In addition to its great features, it has one of the most reasonable pricing for a crampon on the market.

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